All county (city, district) people's governments, management committee of Xinzhou Economic Development Zone, management committee of Wutai Mountain Scenic Area, committees, offices and bureaus of the Municipal People's Government: 

  For the implementation of the civil affairs department under the State Council about the free trade area 6 batch of pilot reform experience copy promotion notice (letter [2020] no. 96) and the general office of Shanxi Province people's government on free trade area the sixth group reform pilot experience copy promotion notice (jin ZhengBan hair [2021] no. 10) spirit, With the approval of the Municipal People's Government, we hereby notify the following concerning matters to earnestly copy and popularize the experience of the sixth batch of pilot reforms of the State Council: 

  First, the main content of replication and promotion 

  The State Council arranged the deployment of the sixth batch of copying and promotion of 37 items. Combined with the implementation scope requirements and specific conditions, 31 items were copied and promoted in Shanxi Province. According to the actual situation of xinzhou city, the city copy and promote the following 26 items. 

  (1) Investment management. Include the publication distributing business licenses with joint network issue for the record system, electric power project examination and approval of the green channel, with a core of 3 d cadastre land for the convenience of three-dimensional management mode, real estate registration business model, application of small-scale VAT taxpayer intelligent auxiliary services, licenses "acceptance, combined to handle" approval service mode, enterprise "package type" cancel service mode, medical apparatus Equipment registrant entrusting production mode and other 8 items. 

  (2) Trade facilitation. Including the aircraft industry processing trade within the convenient allocation of bonded goods supervision mode, cross-border e-commerce retail import and return center warehouse mode, import and export commodities intelligent declaration navigation service, chilled aquatic products two-stage access supervision mode, goods trade "one protection multi-purpose" management mode. 

  (3) Financial openness and innovation. Including factoring companies access to the credit investigation system of the central bank, distributed sharing mode to achieve "bank-government intercommunication", green debt financing tool innovation, intellectual property securitization, etc. 

  (4) Inter - and post-incident supervision measures. Including "commissioned notarization + government inquiry + remote disposal" property implementation cloud disposal mode, multi-field implementation of inclusive penalty free list mode, customs notarization electronic delivery system, commercial subject credit repair system, financial leasing company risk prevention and control system, etc. 

  (5) The field of human resources. There are four kinds of consular services, such as the "One Network", the direct recognition of professional qualifications of some skilled personnel in Taiwan, the appraisal of professional titles in aviation maintenance industry, and the "one-stop" platform for comprehensive services for entry-exit personnel. 

  Second, Relevant Requirements 

  (1) attach great importance to the work of reproduction and promotion. We will thoroughly implement the important speeches and instructions made by General Secretary Xi Jinping during his inspection of Shanxi, fully understand the significance of replicating and promoting the pilot reform experience of the pilot free trade zone, further optimize the business environment, stimulate market vitality, build a new system of a higher level of open economy, and promote high-quality economic transformation and development of the city. 

  (2) Coordinating the organization and implementation. Each responsible unit should take the initiative to connect the superior counterpart unit work arrangement, to the standard of advanced areas, formulate work programs and specific measures, and pay attention to the implementation. People's governments of counties (county-level cities and districts) and units directly under the municipal government shall strengthen organization and leadership, create conditions and actively promote the promotion, so as to ensure that the work of replication and popularization shall be completed and tangible results achieved before September 30, 2021. The Municipal Leading Group Office of Promoting the Pilot Free Trade Zone (Municipal Bureau of Commerce) shall strengthen coordination, establish a stand book of copying and promotion matters, do a good job of tracking and supervision, and ensure the smooth implementation of the copying and promotion work. 

  Attachment: Task Division Table of the Sixth Batch of Reform Pilot Experience in Xinzhou Replication and Promotion of Pilot Free Trade Zone. 




                               Xinzhou People's Government Office 

                                         March 28, 2021